NEO Caliper

NEO Motorsport have developed several calipers which can provide the answer to virtually any racing application. In order to help you to choose the most appropriate calipers there are a few factors that should be considered.
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Right caliper for the right disc

Each caliper has a different gapping for different rotor thickness. Depending on the application, NEO calipers work for discs of different surface with (usually 42mm - 54mm). When choosing the right caliper and rotor combination, it is essential to take this factor into account for optimal braking performance.

Piston Number

In general, the more pistons the better. Unless certain technical regulations dictates the number of pistons used on the car, the more pistons means:

1. Pressure is better distributed across the pads surface
2. Increase air flow behind the brad pad’s metal support.
3. Less deflection stress factors exerted on the caliper
4. More responsive brake pedal.

Piston Size

For each NEO calliper, we may offer different piston sizes. If you are in any doubt as to the most suitable piston size for your application our technical department will be happy to advise the best and most efficient solution for your car.

Servicing NEO Brake Calipers

NEO calipers are designed to work without any particular service. However keeping the brake caliper and rotor clearn and free from salt and contaminant will prolong the lifespan of the caliper. All NEO calipers are twin-block build for easy servicing. Repair kits and/or spares such as bleed niples, banjo bolts, hardwares, connection pites can be ordered to keep NEO calipers in optimal condition. Please be aware, only experienced professionals should dismantle the calipers for service.