Mike pollard
Mike Pollard

2012 Midwest Drift Union Series Champion
Owner/driver at MVP Racing
Drifting for 10 years has allowed me to drive on just about ever coilover on the market, From D2 to Dg5. This year I got hooked up with NEO Motorsport and their "Green" series coilovers. I can honestly say they offer much more stability and squat needed for competitive drifting and intense load situations. Mike car This year I have traveled across North America and competed against the top semi pro and pro drivers from Canada and the U.S. I have been known to break just about everything I get my hands on and have in past years gone through shocks as some tracks have jumps and other obstacles that put intense load on the shocks. In some situations this year, I have even gotten 3 wheels off the ground while drifting at speeds of 40-60mph and have yet to encounter any issues with build or design quality Neo Motorsport coilovers gave me the edge in competition which has gotten me countless podiums, 1st place finishes, and 1 championship this year.

I am blessed to be a part of the NEO Motorsport family. My car has NEVER felt this smooth and unlike most "track" designed coilovers ride quality is not sacrificed in the sense of being "TOO STIFF" or harsh as I could just as easily drive my car on the street without worrying about bumps and being uncomfortable. But they also offer a "PURPLE" kit which is a step down from the "green" and the "blue" being their "daily driver" designed shock package.

I stand by their product 100% and suggest you give them a try and see for yourself! I MAGIC MIKE APPROVE THIS MESSAGE AND THE USE OF NEO MOTORSPORT COILOVERS FOR ANY OF YOUR AUTOMOTIVE NEEDS!

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