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  • Lower rotational mass. Two-piece rotor design is generally 12-16% lighter than one piece design
  • Cooler Disc Surface. Ventilation holes between the hat and the disc to air cool the disc surface
  • Full Sliding Design. Prevents warping or cracking from high heat and high stress. Rotor Disc can expand and contract freely while the hat remains stress free.
  • Fully changeable rotor ring to reduce running cost in high demand racing applications.
  • Two choices of Rotor Rings. Drilled and Slotted or Moon Cut Solid Rotor (Race Rotor)

Why NEO Rotors?

What makes NEO’s rotor separate from our competitors? The answer is NEO’s unique heat profiling method. We call this Advanced Thermal Profiling or ATP. ATP technology allows the rotors to be properly heated and cooled under strict controlled conditions to ensure our rotors can withstand the heavy residual stress caused from the casting process of iron. This technology proves to outperform our competitor by significantly reduces the chance for rotors from thermal cracking and deformation to ensure optimal brake feel under any conditions.

ATP (Advanced Thermal Profiling)

ATP treatment is a process of re-construct the microstructure of the iron molecules. The result is increase in rigidness and heat tolerance in the iron block. This process involves heating the rotors very slowly at a specific humidity and temperature at predetermined increments until thermal threshold is reached. This temperature is then help consistent for 9 hours and the entire heating process is complete. Similar process is taken when cooling down the rotors to sub-zero temperatures in the extreme of -150 (oC) or -238 (oF). The bonds between the molecules are then reinforced and the rotor is now in stable usage condition.