General Guidelines for Installation of NEO Suspension Kit

Download the Neo coilover suspension installation guide

Safety Precaution

NEO Motorsport America Inc. recommends coilover system be installed by a professional technician. Coilover systems are designed for improved off-road performance. Modifications to your vehicle may result in vehicle handling characteristics differ from the original equipped vehicle.

Pre-Installation Notes

1. Open the box and ensure all parts are accounted for and there are no parts missing. Consult the retailer for missing parts unaccounted for.
2. Different wheels and tires combination may result in increase in leverage on steering related components.
3. Due to payload options and initial ride height variances, the amount of height adjustment is a base figure. Final ride height may vary in accordance to the actual vehicle. Always measure the ride height of the vehicle from the wheel hug to the fender line prior to beginning installation.

Removing Original Equipped Shock Absorber

1. When removing original equipped suspension, please refer to OE service manual for proper disassembly procedure for the specific model and year of vehicle.
2. Do not re-use any fasteners, retainers and keepers on the coilover

Coilover System Setup and Adjustment.

Upon full installation of coilover systems, a professional alignment and setup is required. This is an important series of procedures in post installation setup to ensure vehicle’s proper performance, reliability and comfort. Always perform vehicle alignment process for after every height adjustment in the following orders.
1. Ride Height Adjustment
2. 4-Wheel Corner Balance Setting
3. Caster Adjustment
4. Camber Adjustment
5. Toe Setting Adjustment

Diagram A
Suspension diagram
Please refer to diagram A for reference in this section

Spring Pre-Load Adjustment

Step 1: Loosen spring perches (C) and (B) and lower it to a point where the spring is loose from top contacting point.
Step 2: By hand, slowly raise perch (B) up until no play can be felt on the spring.
Step 3: Mark the perch (B) with a scoring pen or some kind of marking device.
Step 4: Using the provided adjustment wrenches, turn perch (B) up five complete turns.
Step 5: Move perch (C) up in contact with perch (B) and lock the two locking perches tight by using the provided tools.
Step 6: Follow Step 1 – 5 for all four corner and spring pre-load adjustment is complete.

Right Height Adjustment

Step 1: Loosen perch (D) from the base of the coilover.
Step 2: Keep perch (C) and (B) locked together
Step 3: Using the adjustment wrenches, turn perch (B) and (C) together while locked counter-clock wise to raise the vehicle and clockwise to drop the vehicle height.

Post-Install Guidelines

1. Check all fasteners are properly secured and torqued to original equipped specifications.
2. Do a full steering sweep from left to right ensure front brake hoses and wires have enough slack between full locks.
3. Drive slowing and re-torque all fasteners after 500 miles. This allow the shock absorbers and springs to settle in. Expect vehicle height change after the first 500 miles after the springs has fully wear in. Always inspect fasteners and components during routine servicing.

How to choose the most appropriate calipers for your purpose.
Here are some key facts to consider about.

Caliper / Rotor Gaping

Every caliper is designed with different gaps in mind. When considering your optimal brake setup, it is important to keep in mind the thickness of the brake disc to ensure proper gaping. Some NEO calipers work for different rotor surface width (usually 50mm and 60mm).

Piston Number. 4 vs 6 vs 8.

In theory, the more piston surface area, the more brake pressure. However, different piston sizes and position yield different brake pedal response.

While 4 piston setup offer less surface area than a 6, it provides better initial brake bite from the equal size pistons versus 6 piston caliper which is more modular due to staggered piston positioning. However, the downside to 4 pistons caliper is it has more stress factors on the caliper itself. Generally the more piston, the better the pressure is distributed across the brake pad. Thus yielding better cooling action of the bads as more airflow gets behind the pads.

Piston Size

For each of our calipers, we offer different piston sizes ranging from 28mm to 38mm in diameter. At anytime, if you are uncertain about what's the most suitable piston size for your application, our technical department will be happy to assist you in selecting the right combination based on the size of the master cylinder.

NEO Brake Caliper Maintenance

NEO calipers are designed to work with low maintenance in mind. However, for any reason you need to repair your caliper, spares such as pistons including o-rings, bleed nipples, banjo bolts, retaining pins and the external rigid connecting pipe can be ordered direct from NEO Motorsport America Inc. When placing the order it must be indicated the caliper model and the piston size. Please keep in mind, hire only experienced professionals to dismantle the caliper for service.

Frequently Ask Questions

1. Why can't I "STANCE" or "Stretch and Poke" my coilover?

NEO Coilover is designed for maximum performance over maximum height drop. For this reason, NEO coilovers adjustment range is specially designed to ensure proper alignment can be set on the car while reducing the car's ride height and ensure optimal traction at all times.

2. How do I adjust my ride height?

The ride height on the majority of our coilovers is designed to be adjusted through the lower mount, NOT by turning the spring perch. The lower mounts are installed on the bottom of the threaded shock body. As you spin the lower mount further onto the shock body, you are shortening the overall length of the entire coilover assembly, which results in a lowered vehicle ride height. Once you have turned the lower mount to your desired setting, tighten the locking collar against it to lock your settings in place. To raise your car, twist the lower mount counterclockwise making the overall length of the coilover longer, thus resulting in a higher ride height. For safety reasons, always make sure at least 30% of the lower mount is threaded onto the shock body.

This design is extremely beneficial to performance enthusiasts and those looking to get the most out of their suspension tuning as it allows you to raise and lower your vehicle without interfering with the shock’s compression or travel characteristics.

Certain applications are not designed to have an adjustable lower mount and are raised or lowered by adjusting the spring perch. In most cases, a helper spring is present to ensure proper adjustability without sacrificing ride quality. To adjust the ride height, lower the spring perch assembly by twisting it counterclockwise and giving the assembly more room to compress, resulting in a lowered ride height.

3. How do I adjust the 12-way rebound on my coilovers?

NEO coilovers feature 12-way damping adjustable shocks which allow you to fine tune them to your specifications. For coilovers that feature non-inverted shocks, the damping can be adjusted at the top of the coilover assembly. For coilovers featuring inverted shock assemblies, the damping settings can be adjusted from the bottom of the coilover. To adjust, insert the provided damping adjustment knob and turn it left or right to adjust from H (Hard) to S (Soft). You will feel the knob “click” with each turn, indicating one step up or down the 12 way adjustable range.

4. How do I preload the springs on my coilovers?

The springs on your full coilover should already be preloaded out of the box (Always verify this prior to installation). The spring itself should be snug up against the top of the coilover and the locking perches at the bottom should be snug up against the bottom of the spring. The spring should not have any free play or be able to move up or down. Do not crank down on the spring and cause it to compress as this can result in an unpleasant ride quality.

5. Why don’t my coilovers have camber plates at the top?

Only cars with MacPherson style suspension are designed to have camber plates accessible at the top of the coilover. On most other non-MacPherson style applications, camber should be adjusted through the use of a separate upper or lower camber kit.

6. Will I lose shock travel by lowering my car?

No. Our coilovers feature a fully adjustable lower mount which allows you to raise or lower your vehicle without affecting the shock’s travel or compression characteristics. This design is very advantageous over cheaper suspension kits which use the spring itself to adjust ride height, which can cause premature shock failure and terrible ride quality.

7. How do I maintain my coilovers?

We recommend to routinely inspect your coilovers as you would various other aspects of your vehicle. It is especially important to inspect them and keep them clean if you live in climates that experience heavy winters or rainfall. Over time, debris and dirt can accumulate on the coilover assembly and threads which can cause problems in the future when you want to adjust them. If you feel your coilovers need to be cleaned off, we recommend using a non-corrosive cleaning spray that can be purchased in most auto parts stores.

8. I sometimes hear a clunking sound coming from my coilovers. What is that?

Coilovers for cars with McPherson style suspension have heavy duty metal pillowball bearing upper mounts. Due to the metal on metal contact within the bearing, there is sometimes an audible noise that can be heard. We recommend lubricating the pillowball mount with the included bearing grease or a non-corrosive penetrating lubricant when you first install the coilovers.

9. Can you guys rebuild my coilovers?

All of our coilovers are rebuildable and serviceable in Canada and the United States. Although we are happy to receive your coilovers for inspection and rebuild, we do offer replacement units which can be shipped directly to you. Most customers choose this option as it saves on downtime and helps them get their car back on the road quicker. If you believe your coilover needs to be serviced, send us an email ( and a representative will take care of you.

10. I lost a part from my coilover kit. Do you guys sell replacements?

We do offer a wide selection of replacement parts which can be purchased directly from us. Send an email inquiry ( and be sure to include your car’s Make, Model, Year, which type of coilover kit you have, and which specific part you need.

Warranty Information

All NEO products sold are subject to the following warranty:

NEO Motorsport warrants the shock absorbers to the original retail consumer against defects and workmanship when used on car applications under normal operating conditions. This warranty does not apply to shocks that have been improperly installed.

Our warranty does not cover shock absorbers that are to be used in racing applications. Exterior finish on all NEO products is not considered a valid warrantee; consumers are responsible for the maintenance of paint and or chrome or plated finish.

Shock Boots are also excluded from any type of warrantee. ALL SHOCK BOOTS should be removed prior to returning to the Distributor or Dealer from which the product was originally purchased. Rusted shafts will also be denied as a warrantee claim; consumers are responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the chrome rods.

The consumer will be responsible for the removal and freight costs both to and from the Distributor or Dealer from which the product was originally purchased. Proof of purchase is mandatory in order to receive warrantee replacement; original invoice from the Distributor or Dealer from which the product was purchased must accompany the product in question for warrantee.

NEO Motorsport or NEO Motorsport distributor and dealer have the right to refuse a warrantee claim if procedures are not met by the original consumer. Exclusions from this warranty are the finish, dents, rust, or any condition caused by abnormal use or neglect.

The loss of use of product, loss of time, inconvenience, commercial loss or damages is not covered. NEO Motorsport reserves the right to change, modify, or discontinue the design of any products previously manufactured without assuming any obligation to the consumer. Any consumer who qualifies for a replacement of said discontinued product will only be allowed to receive new product which replaces the discontinued. We are not responsible for a pair of any product, if a single product has an issue.

NEO Motorsport reserves the right to refuse any and all warrantee claims from any Distributor or Dealer, which has not purchased the original NEO product directly from NEO Motorsport. NEO Motorsport also reserves the right to refuse any Return Goods Authorization of said merchandise in which it is believed to be fraudulent or distressed merchandise not purchased originally from NEO Motorsport.

This warrantee does not apply to any NEO product which has been modified, customized, painted, dented, rusted or improperly installed.