Wheel Spacer

Go Wide with NEO STEPUP Wheel Spacers. Wheel spacers provide a simple and effective way to upgrade vehicle chassis. Wider vehicle tracks translate to better handling performance and aggressive exotic look. It features hub-centric design for that perfect fitment and ultra-lightweight, ultra-strong forged alloy. Whether you are on the way to work or battling on the track, you can always depend on NEO for optimal chassis control.


Item number Make Description
TY15-4100541 TOYOTA 4X100 54.1 15mm
TY25-51143601 TOYOTA 5x114.3 60.1 25mm
TY20-51143601 TOYOTA 5x114.3 60.1 20mm
TY15-51143601 TOYOTA 5x114.3 60.1 15mm
TY25-4100541 TOYOTA 4X100 54.1 25mm
TY20-4100541 TOYOTA 4X100 54.1 20mm
SB25-51143561 SUBARU 5X114.3 56.1 25mm
SB25-5100561 SUBARU 5X100 56.1 25mm
SB20-5100561 SUBARU 5X100 56.1 20mm
SB15-5100561 SUBARU 5X100 56.1 15mm
SB20-51143561 SUBARU 5X114.3 56.1 20mm
SB15-51143561 SUBARU 5X114.3 56.1 15mm
NS15-51143661 NISSAN 5X114.3 66.1 15mm
NS20-51143661 NISSAN 5X114.3 66.1 20mm
NS25-51143661 NISSAN 5X114.3 66.1 25mm
MB20-5112666 Mercedes Benz 5X112 66.6 20mm
MB15-5112666 Mercedes Benz 5X112 66.6 15mm
MB25-5112666 Mercedes Benz 5X112 66.6 25mm
MD15-51143671 HYUNDAI / MAZDA / MITSUBISHI 5X114.3 67.1 15mm
MD20-51143671 HYUNDAI / MAZDA / MITSUBISHI 5X114.3 67.1 20mm
MD25-51143671 HYUNDAI / MAZDA / MITSUBISHI 5X114.3 67.1 25mm
HD15-5114641 HONDA 5X114 64.1 15mm
HD20-5114641 HONDA 5X114 64.1 20mm
HD15-5114370 HONDA 5X114.3 70 15mm
HD25-5114641 HONDA 5X114 64.1 25mm
HD20-5114370 HONDA 5X114.3 70 20mm
HD25-5114370 HONDA 5X114.3 70 25mm
BMW15-5120741 BMW 5X120 74.1 15mm
BMW25-5120741 BMW 5X120 74.1 25mm
BMW20-5120741 BMW 5X120 74.1 20mm
BMW25-5120726 BMW 5X120 72.6 25mm
BMW20-5120726 BMW 5X120 72.6 20mm
BMW15-5120726 BMW 5X120 72.6 15mm
VAG20-5112571 AUDI/VW 5X112 57.1 20mm
VAG25-5100571 AUDI/VW 5X100 57.1 25mm
VAG20-5100571 AUDI/VW 5X100 57.1 20mm
VAG15-5100571 AUDI/VW 5X100 57.1 15mm
VAG25-5112681 AUDI/VW 5X112 68.1 25mm
VAG20-5112681 AUDI/VW 5X112 68.1 20mm
VAG15-5112571 AUDI/VW 5X112 57.1 15mm
VAG15-5112681 AUDI/VW 5X112 68.1 15mm
VAG25-5112571 AUDI/VW 5X112 57.1 25mm